FSU Research Commons

Florida State University Strozier Library Research Commons

The Scholars Commons within Strozier Library at Florida State University facilitates the research and study of graduate students and faculty by providing tailored space and services. It has a reading room, a computer lab, and smaller rooms for presentations and discussions – all of which can easily be booked online. Its services are designed to meet the needs of a specific community and include the request, delivery, and purchase of information resources; research consultations; statistics consulting; media assistance; and equipment checkout.

Beyond providing spaces and services, the Scholars Commons also plays a key role in building and sustaining the scholarly community by hosting programs such as lectures, discussion groups, graduate research fairs, and symposia. Through its services, events, and spaces for them to take place in, the commons enables close collaboration and partnership among faculty, students, and library staff.

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Zoning Diagram FSU Research Commons Zoning Diagram


High, including expert research and reference services, statistics consultations, organizing programs and events. Consultations are also bookable online


Basic, including power and data access, general computing lab, and displays