• Integrated Budgeting Tool

    The integrated budgeting tool enables you to create budgets for the spaces you’re building/renovating, the technology equipment and infrastructure for those spaces, and the staffing to support those spaces. Often, these three items are separately considered and budgeted. This separation creates problems for projects; for instance, technology hardware could be selected for which there is insufficient funding to support and refresh. This tool addresses this problem by enabling you to compare costs — at a high-level — for space, technology, and staffing and also compare across the different spaces you are planning.

    The tool is a downloadable spreadsheet with a tab each for space costs, technology costs, staffing costs, and a summary table with a dashboard that compares the three areas, for each space, and overall. The tool contains example data along with blank fields for your specific spaces. The space costs are calculated on a square foot basis. The technology costs are calculated by inserting estimated initial equipment and infrastructure costs, then adding operating and maintenance costs as variable percentages of the initial costs, and then adding refresh costs according to a specified replacement cycle. Staffing costs are based on estimating the total number of FTE at different experience / salary levels and then prorating them based on the % of their time allocated to the various spaces considered, with additional information on technology staffing in that section. Together, these tabs combine to give you a holistic picture of the costs over the lifecycle of the project to better inform planning and decision-making.


    Integrated Budgeting Tool – Downloadable Tool for your use (MS Excel).

    Integrated Budgeting Tool Snapshot