• Integration Blueprint

    A successful learning environment is more than the some of its parts. It is an integrated whole in which each aspect reinforces and is coordinated with the others. The Integration Blueprint is a simple planning and operations tool that encourages you to think about how the envisioned use of space will be supported by specific aspects of the space, by its technology, and by its support services. By compiling information all “on the same page” you can compare across these areas, identify where there are questions, and spot possible areas of conflict.

    There are two ways to use Integration Blueprint: (1) later in the process to compile and synthesize outputs from other tools or (2) early in the process to record preliminary ideas and identify questions or “holes” to be explored further with other parts of the toolkit. Once you’ve completed the rows for your key spaces, you can then look across the cells for alignment/conflict, duplications, or other patterns to aid in planning and operations. Once the spaces are completed and in use, you can also use this tool to verify that the design and operation of space meets intended goals, checking back to Needs Assessment activities.

    Example and Tool

    Integration Blueprint Example – Downloadable example (PDF).

    Integration Blueprint Template – Editable template for your use. Please download as MS Word doc or log-in to your Google docs account to ‘Make a copy’ and edit directly.