• Roadmap

    Welcome to Roadmap!
    This first section of the Toolkit offers good practical knowledge in project planning for implementing informal learning spaces, including typical project phases and deliverables, stakeholder’s role and effective communication methods and strategies to reach out to your internal team and external audiences.
    Whether you are planning a small or large complex project, it is always a good idea to set a clear process map independent of the timeline to identify the different phases of the project and objectives per each phase. The section materials in this section can provide insights in answering questions to the following

    • What are the large phases in project planning for informal learning spaces?
    • As the principal lead, who should I involve at which point and why?
    • What are the effective modes of communicating to internal team members and external audiences?

    Don’t forget, this is not science – there is no set formula to get it right 100% from the beginning – and as a skilled project lead, you will always need to improvise. However, sharing a clear project process with your team and having a shared understanding of each team member’s role can significantly reduce the potential pain-points along the project.


    Guiding Principles
    Good practices in the planning process, including building partnerships, setting goals, and modes of communication.

    Project Phases
    Overview of typical project phases with key milestone deliverables and recommended stakeholders.

    Stakeholder Roles
    Key stakeholder descriptions with their roles and responsibilities related to the project.

    Commun- ication
    Communication techniques to engage your internal team and external audiences to facilitate collaboration and gain support from end-users.

    Compilation of links to resources in regards to managing the project.

    Tips for Success
    Management and facilitation tips for the project lead to ensure effective project planning for a successful end-product.