• Tips for Success

    The following items are tactical items necessary for getting the project planning process kicked-off and progressed smoothly throughout. The Roadmap section provides the schedule and activities needed to plan and implement learning spaces to help orchestrate the planning process so that learners are better supported and space, technology, and services are effective.

    Pre-launch investigation

    • Gather background information, such as strategic plans, utilization studies, master plans etc.
    • Scan your institution for innovative pilot projects you can learn from.

    Setting-up the team and working protocols

    • Define project team roles and responsibilities (including estimate time commitments and periods of involvement).
    • Set up communication protocols: who needs to get what when (weekly updates, agendas, what platforms you’re using).
    • Create a place to store all your information and a place to communicate with your stakeholders.

    Logistics for user engagements

    • Select and outfit venues appropriate for workshop activities (whiteboard, board markers). Set the venue with the appropriate technology to help facilitate the session.
    • Use food (catering) as a small way to motivate participation. Breakfast/lunch catering during meetings are great ways to maximize the participants’ time and build community.

    Evaluating priorities on an ongoing basis

    • Create a list of priorities and a wish list, in case adjustments need to be made due to budget constraints.
    • Prototype to test out space, technology, and service concepts, even if it’s just rearranging things in current spaces or role-playing.