• Service Design Process

    Designing services within learning spaces requires a specific mindset and tools. It means considering users and their needs first, planning holistically, thinking through experiences in time, and working in an iterative way between steps and tools.

    Service Design Process

    The service design tools included in the Learning Space Toolkit include:

    • ServicePlotTM for understanding your service philosophy, values, and vision
    • Personas Overview to depict the motivations and behaviors of your users
    • Service Location Planner to determine what services will be offered where, when, and by whom
    • Customer Journey Map to plot the use of a service/space overtime and identify the moments of interaction or “touchpoints”
    • Service Blueprints to provide guidance on how both front-line staff and those behind-the-scenes will provide a service through different channels

    Together, these tools can be used in an iterative way to complement each other. For instance, once you’ve developed your vision for the future, you can create journey maps for your personas that exemplify this vision, then distill the lessons from these into service blueprints. Along the way, you’ll be moving back and forth – learning something by blueprinting that causes you to create a new journey map, prototype a new service, or even revisit your philosophy. The resources provided also offer additional insights into these tools and how they go together.