• ServicePlot

    What’s your service philosophy?

    ServicePlot is a tool for organizations to diagnose their service philosophy and envision their future philosophy, based on their values and the needs of their customers. The tool has two principal drivers that position organizations along a spectrum of different philosophies, depending on how they respond:

    1. Responsibility: What your organization takes responsibility for providing or performing in terms of services, from taking full responsibility for them on the one hand to working with partners and working with users themselves (e.g.: self-serve) on the other
    2. Delivery: How and where services are delivered, with a distributed, “push” model on the one hand or centralized “pull” model on the other

    Example of completed ServicePlot

    Organizations plot their current and future answers on questions categorized around six key themes – Service Emphasis, Organizational Structure, Key Staff Skills, Offering, Attitude, Success Criteria. The resulting plot provides a picture of where you are and where you want to go with your services.

    ServicePlot is not meant as a definitive diagnostic tool but rather as a guide for thinking and discussion about what your service philosophy is and what you want it to be – highlighting the changes needed, and facilitating conversations along the way. Once determined, organizations can use their service philosophy to guide decision-making about what services are offered where, when, how, and by whom.

    As a flexible tool, ServicePlot can be used different ways.

    • Completion method: These questions may be completed as an individual, as a group, or as individuals in a group who them compare and discuss their answers.
    • Scale considered: You can answer the questions considering the overall organization (suggested as the starting point), but may also fill it out considering the philosophy of your department or team within the organization.
    • Perspective: You answer the questions once to indicate the current state and a second time to indicate an aspirational future state, enabling a comparison between the two to guide a discussion about organizational change.

    To complete your own ServicePlot, use the tool below. After answering the questions, you will be given an option to save your customized ServicePlot. (flash required)