• Role of Technologist

    The technologist is a key member of the learning spaces team. While larger organizations will have a person dedicated to this role–for instance, a director of Information Technology or a designated Technology Project Manager–smaller organizations may have one person who wears many hats, including that of technologist. The technologist hat may even be passed from one person to another over the life of the project. For example, a staff member from central IT may act as the technologist early in a project, but hand that over to a someone hired specifically to manage technology mid-way through the project. Whether a dedicated assignment or one hat among many, the technologist role should be defined and assigned as early in the project as possible so that all technology-related questions have a clear point person and owner. The technologist is knowledgeable about broad trends, specific technologies that will be used, and how to apply technologies to specific user and project owner goals. With regard to partnerships, the role of the technologist is to create a sustained and consistent narrative for the technology vision that develops dynamically over the course of the project. The technologist keeps all stakeholders informed, invested, and engaged around how technology advances the goals for the spaces. At various stages of the project, the technologist role itself will wear many hats, as described in the chart below.

    Role Skills Action/Deliverables
    Communicator Abillity to translate technology concepts in non-technical language to project stakeholders Bring key issue to the attention of stakeholders at each phase of the project (design, programming, implementation)
    Technology Advocate Ability to present vision and inspire enthusiasm for the technology and what it can do in the space Presentations to key audiences; provide specific documentation related to solutions (services, costs and staffing)
    Futurist Ability to look at emerging technology trends and apply them to the specific domain Presentations to key audiences
    Strategist Ability to identify potential solutions and select the best path forward for the overall project from the technology perspective Build the technology vision
    asks: what is unique on campus and how can the library support?
    engage partners to design high-level solutions; prepare technology plan for project
    Researcher/Tester Ability to research new technologies and their applicability to project needs Prototype and do desk research to support technology related decisions throughout the project
    Implementer Project management; resource and personnel management Engage with consultants and integrators to ensure that the
    functions as designed are implemented in the technology in the spaces