• Trends and Reports: Overview

    As part of needs assessment it is valuable to learn about trends in teaching and learning both at your institutional level and across higher education in general. These trends provide insight into dynamics such as students’ use of technology, trends in pedagogy, and campus priorities.

    Data at the National Level
    ECAR (EDUCAUSE Research Center for Applied Research) publishes reports that shed light on trends in student use of technology and the impact of technology on teaching and learning.

    NESSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) publishes an annual report on the quality of students’ educational experiences. They also research faculty perceptions of student engagement.

    Additionally, conducting a literature review of published research on trends in space in higher education can be beneficial.

    Data at the Institutional Level
    Gather data and other information from a variety of sources in order to develop a richer understanding of your campus and current needs. The following sources can be helpful:

    • Campus strategic plan
    • Institutional unit responsible for planning and analysis
    • Learning technology consultants on campus
    • Information technology
    • Student affairs
    • Relevant academic departments and/or colleges

    Example Institutional Reports
    Note: Look for your own institution’s strategic plan. These links are just to examples.